API Response Codes

Refer to the below response code glossary to help you troubleshoot any errors.


Response Code


REST API Explanation(s)

200 OK

The request was successful!


400 Bad Request

Participant cannot join this campaign.

The participant was prevented from being added to the campaign (please check that your campaign's anti-fraud settings are not set to Strict, or that you do not have the email or IP address blacklisted)

401 Failed to add participant

Participant was not able to join this campaign.

The person may be a high-risk fraudster, and has been blocked from entering the campaign. Learn more about how LoyaltySurf's anti-fraud system works.


Usage limit exceeded


403 Forbidden

You are not allowed to perform that action.

Your API key may be revoked or contain a typo, or you may be trying to interact with another user's campaign or participant data (which is not allowed).

404 Resource Not Found

The requested resource does not exist.

You may be trying to request a resource that does not exist or was deleted.

409 Conflict Duplicate Request

Conflicting duplicate request.

If a request is made but has not finished and that exact same request is made.

More details on the specific request will be provided within the returned error.

429 Too Many Requests

You have reached your <rate> limit

You have sent too many requests in a given time OR You have reached the usage limit in your current plan.

5XX Internal Server Error

The LoyaltySurf server is inaccessible or offline -- that's our fault! Check for updates on our status page.


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