Automatically send one-time PayPal payouts as rewards.

Note: The PayPal integration is only available to users on the LoyaltySurf Business plan or higher. The following countries and currencies are supported here.

How to Set Up

You must first select a default currency for your LoyaltySurf campaign in order to use PayPal.

Step 1: In Campaign Editor > 4. Options > Integrations, click the Connect to PayPal button

Step 2: Once connected, press the 'Connect A Reward' button and select your reward.

(Optional) Step 3: Add a customized email subject and message to the PayPal payout by toggling the Show advanced payout settings section.

Step 4: Then hit Save. Now, anytime this reward is unlocked by a winning participant, a PayPal payout will be sent to the PayPal customer associated with the LoyaltySurf participant email address.



When a LoyaltySurf participant unlocks a reward, send them a one-time PayPal payout.

Fee Disclosures

  • The following fees are applied on payouts made through PayPal's API:

    • United States: USD 0.25 per U.S. transaction

    • International: 2% of the recipient payment amount, up to a certain amount

  • Individual payments cannot exceed USD 20,000.

  • No fees are charged to the recipient.

How to Set Up

To utilize the PayPal payout feature, you'll need the following (full PayPal payout instructions can be found here) before setting up:

  1. A PayPal business account (you can sign up for a PayPal business account here)

  2. Sufficient funds in your PayPal business account (make sure to cover enough for payout totals and fees)

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you have manual reward approval enabled for your campaign: PayPal payouts will only be issued to the winner(s) after you approve the reward.

  • When testing out the PayPal Payouts integration, make sure to view participants' activity logs for details that can help you troubleshoot any issues.

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