Automatically apply Chargebee coupons, credits, or trial extensions as rewards.

Note: The Chargebee integration is only available to users on the LoyaltySurf Business plan or higher.

How to Set Up

You must first select a default currency for your LoyaltySurf campaign in order to use Chargebee. Your default currency determines whether Chargebee coupons, credits, or trial extensions can be applied to your Chargebee subscriptions. For example, if your default currency is USD, then the coupon, credit, or trial extension you set up can only be redeemed for Chargebee subscriptions using USD.

Step 1: In Campaign Editor > 4. Options > Integrations, open the Chargebee integration card and enter your Chargebee site, Chargebee API key, and Chargebee product catalog version for both live and test mode.

Step 2: Once connected, press the 'Connect A Reward' button and select your reward.

Step 3: Click on either coupon, credit, or trial extension. If 'Coupon' is selected, enter the details of the coupon, including the name, type, and discount. You can also click Show advanced coupon settings to view more customization settings.

Note: By default, coupons are recommended. However, if you want rewards to be stackable (e.g., $10 off for every loyalty action), you will want to use credits.

If 'Credit' is selected, enter the credit description and amount to apply to the Chargebee customer's account every time this reward is unlocked.

To extend the trial period, select 'Trial Extension', and specify the number of days.

Chargebee trial extensions only work for subscriptions labeled IN TRIAL.

Step 4: When you're done, click the Save button.

Step 5 (optional): To ensure the legitimacy of your campaign and prevent any fraudulent activities, it is advisable to establish Chargebee webhooks. By setting up webhooks, LoyaltySurf can monitor any modifications customers make to their email addresses on Chargebee using the customer's unique Chargebee ID.

Step 6: Once you have enabled webhooks, create a new Chargebee webhook and return to the LoyaltySurf Chargebee integration and input the username and password for your Chargebee webhook. For guidance on setting up your webhook, click on this link.

Important Note: Only the following event should be selected for your Chargebee webhook:

  • Customer Changed

Remember to toggle on "Exclude card information from webhook call".

Test Mode

Our Chargebee integration comes with a test mode that allows you to test coupons, credits, and trial extensions. When you toggle Test Mode on, LoyaltySurf will only apply coupons, credits, or trial extensions to Chargebee subscriptions that exist within your Chargebee account when test mode is toggled on.

To enable test mode, toggle the Test Mode switch at the bottom-right, then connect a reward(s).

Please note that the rewards you connect to while Test Mode is enabled are completely separate from those you connect to in live mode.

Important note: When you go live with your campaign, please make sure to switch back to live mode.

Troubleshooting Tips

  • If you have manual reward approval enabled for your campaign: Chargebee coupons, credits, and trial extensions will only be issued to the winner(s) after you approve the reward.

  • When testing out the Chargebee integration, make sure to view participants' activity logs for details that can help you troubleshoot any issues.

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